Friday, December 28, 2012

Los Vaqueros - Springfield MO

Most of the restaurant reviews on Google for the Springfield area are negative, but this had some positives and Kathy and I enjoyed it. She had a bean and cheese enchilada with a white cheese melt on top instead of the standard red or green sauce. I had the pronto fajitos off the lunch menu and it was more than I could eat by far, but I enjoyed it. The service was great. Once again the prices were fantastic. I think that is what I have learned about Springfield MO. The cost of living is very reasonable here. However, at least food is largely commodity driven, if it goes up, it will have to impact the local restaurants.

One of the things I love about Mexican restaurants is the opportunity to offer color or culture. Let me explain: Kathy ordered a large size side of Guacamole. It was served in a little Molcajete, a dish or kitchen tool used to create Mexican sauces.

It has been snowing for the past two hours and is increasing in intensity, but the weather channel says it is a passing shower and should stop by 5:00 PM and it is currently 25 degrees so we should be OK. We have gassed the rental car up and will put our big bags in the car tonight to be as ready as possible for our trip to the airport tomorrow morning. Whew, it will be nice to be on Kauai again.

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