Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fazoli's Springfield MO

This was my first experience with the Fazoli's chain. This is Italian style fast food. The prices are incredibly reasonable and the folks were friendly and service was fast, though we were the only ones in the restaurant.

I think their most popular offerings are probably the samplers. These are four different items on a plate for $6.99, a HUGE amount of food. I had the ultimate, Lasagne, Penne Pasta with a spicy sauce, I assume Arribiata, Spagetti with a meat sauce that seems to be at least partly Italian sausage and a fettuccine with Alfredo sauce (no meat). Everything was tasty. I felt bad leaving so much food behind, but I just could not eat anymore.

They are taking franchises and there is not a single restaurant in Washington State so this could be a good franchise opportunity for a business in Sumner, but at that price point I just can't see how you can make a decent profit. They do have a decent markup on soft drinks and that would help. It reminds me of the famous adage, we lose money on every sale so we try to make it up in volume.

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