Friday, December 28, 2012


I try to keep my politics as close to the middle as my conscience will allow, but I am not happy about falling off the fiscal cliff. I do not personally blame the Republican party, I blame both parties, but it is starting to look like the world is giving the Republicans the greater share of the blame. I read in the Wall Street Journal that a poll by Forbes felt more people blamed the Republicans than the Democrats.

I have no idea who coined GOPocalypse,  but it is brilliant marketing. Kathy pointed out that the Bernake phrase (who I believe coined the term) fiscal cliff laid the foundation for GOPocalypse. Quotes such as: "The U.S. economy is already being hurt by the "fiscal cliff" standoff in Washington" are very powerful and fiscal cliff is now part our language ( though not sure what the definition will be post December 31, 2012). And this provides a foundation for fanciful ( and somewhat extreme ) blogposts like this one. Now the point here is perception management; there may or may not be anything accurate in the blog post, but if you read it and especially if you are familiar with Revelation, it is likely to stick with you even if you support the Tea Party. And if you are neutral, or favor Democrat, this could serve as confirmation bias.

Now the $60,000.00 question is, will the population of the U.S. remember all of this two years later when the elections happen?  As we all know, we are a fad driven people and the issue of the moment tends to top the issues of the past, no matter how important.  If they are seen as out of step with the American people, they will lose seats. I have no doubt the Democratic Party is more organized than the Republican Party in terms of an election machine, but I am far less sure the Democratic Agenda makes more sense financially to the long term health of the republic than the Republican Agenda.

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