Thursday, December 6, 2012

13 at the Marriott Downtown Philadelphia

It is cold outside tonight and so we decided to eat on property at Marriott at 13 for dinner. I looked them up on the Internet and the page said they were four star. Not hardly. Not a bad meal or anything and our waiter, Ed, was attentive. But it was a limited menu and hardly four star.

Kathy had a side of mashed potatoes and could not finish them, she figured that two bites was a meal, that they were full of butter, cream and two kinds of cheese. I do not know, but I had a bite and they were good. I had the steak cobb salad. Crazy thing was they did not bring a sharp knife. Fortunately, I had a Spyderco in my pants. I do not have a copy of the bill but before gratuity it was about $30.

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