Monday, December 17, 2012

Adult Yams - Holiday Cooking

This year, I am doing all the sides, Ali is doing the turkey and Norma is supplying dessert and salad. Tonight I made the yams. Will they be food safe on the 25th if I am making them on the 17th. You betcha, these are adult yams.

I went to the VA Liquor store and bought a 375 ML bottle of Bacardi Select. I am not a big dark rum fan, but it is one of the keys to awesome yams. Let's break it down.

Peel 5 yams, boil in a big pot, no salt or spices, that comes later. Drain the pot, smash them up. If you must add butter, fine, but olive oil will give you the buttery taste and is healthier. Next I added a small bag of Craisins ( dried sweetened cranberries ), over time the liquid in the dish will soften them and absorb some of their sugar. I also added a cup of chopped walnuts.

The spices: Cinnamon, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Salt to taste, if you can mix some salt free in as well that is healthy. Then just a dusting of red hot pepper, that is a real key to the dish. Sometimes I throw in part of a vanilla bean, I did not choose to do that this time. People have radically different opinions about sweetener, I just had a side of yams so sweet I could not eat them, but I would suggest using dark molasses to taste. Then a can of coconut milk. Finally, it is time to start the dark rum. Be careful, you can add more rum, but you cannot take away, I ended up using 70 ML. You want the rum to be a foil against the coconut milk.

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