Sunday, June 23, 2013

Washington DC to Seattle

On my last day of teaching MGT 512, I finally got my trip to 5 Guys. They make  one of the best burgers in the world, but it has its cost. I gained 4 pounds during the trip and my bacon cheeseburger is probably part of the reason. No worries, I have three weeks to manage what I eat and work out before the next trip and I really enjoyed the burger.

The trip to Dulles was easy, love flying on a Saturday. Dulles was fairly empty and we scored TSA PRE so getting through security was easy. United 1617 was either on time or close enough not to notice. This was one of those former Continental planes with direct TV. I mostly slept, I was spent, but I did watch a bit of the latest Bruce Willis, a good day to die harder or some such. Rookie flight attendants that did not bring water, but I had my thermos and it was full of water.

Starline was there to pick us up and we crashed into bed. We woke up three or four hours before time to go to church. It was a great lesson and we got back and I fell in bed. Got some respiratory infection in Austin and still have not shaken it. But hey, got the job done in DC, now I can rest and heal.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Russia House

My class, MGT 514, is going pretty well and Kathy needs to shoot the evening talks at SANSFIRE tonight, so we decided to get an early dinner. When we stay at the Washington Hilton, we always try to visit the Russia House at least once.

We were the only customers in the downstairs room for our entire time, you have to love that. We do not usually drink wine before the job is complete, but it was day 4 of my course and I have taught the day 5 material many times, so we splurged on a 13% wine from Georgia ( as in Russia), called Mukuzani. We could not eat a ton of food, so we both ordered two appetizers. Kathy had the Elk Sausage with Cherries and the Squab Waldorf Salad. They were out of Squab so they substituted venison.

I had the Duck Confit Blini and the Potato Mushroom Cocotte. Generous portions, neither of us could finish our food.

All in all, a great experience, very glad for my visit to the Russia House.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tribute to Hal Pomeranz at Morton's

It has been a year since Hal fell. He has had a clean bill of health since and has serious Unix and Forensics Fu. Mason, threw a party for him at Morton's and I am pleased that Kathy and I were invited. We gave him a toast and the conversation drifted around older Hal stories. It was a great night!

MGT 514 and Flipping Pizza

Day Two of MGT 514 IT Security Strategic Planning, Policy and Leadership went OK. This is the scariest day of that course to teach, because the students provide the inputs and the instructor has to create the product. However, it is the best way I know to demonstrate the role of a facilitator in strategic planning.

Why I like this pizza place so much is beyond me, but we got a break in the rain and I was hungry, hiked down and did the two slices and a drink for 6.00 deal. I got one slice of a Bronx and also a Triboro. Yumm. Now I just need a chance to commit my favorite eating sin and visit a 5 Guys. I will probably be dieting a month to make up for all this, but it is worth it!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thaiphoon Restaurant 2011 S. St N.W.

I do not start teaching till Monday, so we had a bit of time off.  When we stay at the Hilton, we tend to get at least one meal at Thaiphoon. Thai cooking in general is very healthy and the spice can be a nice touch.

Kathy had the Steamed Mussels appetizer and the Fresh Garden Roll. I had the Crispy Duck, (which I think is the least healthy choice on the menu, but you only live once). I also ordered a Thai beer called Singha.

Service was great, they were attentive to the water glasses. Price before tip was 33.94.

Seattle to Washington DC

Savvy solutions came to pick us up at 8:00 AM. United sent a note that we needed to allow three hours at the airport. Maybe that is due to sequestration, not sure. All went well though, so after clearing security, we dropped in to the renovated United club.

We didn't take the guided tour of tasting of Glenfiddich, nor did we see anyone else taking advantage of that benefit. The club is new, so the chairs are not raggedy yet, but I think it was poorly designed. The mens bathroom has one toilet in a club that can probably hold 200 people. The food, coffee and tea station is in a hallway creating a checkpoint. However, that is neither here nor there, I surely like being in A gates more than N gates.

Flight 260F was on time or close to it. The in-flight movie was Safe Haven, a love story of a girl that left an abusive husband and found a new life; I cried several times. Not sure it the movie was that good or if I was weepy, but would be willing to own the DVD.

Hotel sent a car for us, driver, born and bred in DC was pleasant. Staff at check in here at the Washington Hilton and towers was quick and professional. The room was pretty nice, though the long black hair just outside the shower took a bit of the joy away. We decided to eat in the hotel, so dropped into the Sports bar. Food was OK and ran into friends, which was even better.

Gosh it was great to climb into bed, woke up naturally with the sun coming through the window at 7:30 AM which is a great way to jump into this time zone.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

First Washington State Paddle of 2013

Killer weather, we started work at 5:00 AM and at 2:30 PM, we took out the canoe for the first time on the lake. Got to catch up with Ron and Lynn, she is now retired, so they are both retired now though Ron works three days a week to keep health insurance.

Saw one of the bald eagles, and they are still being harassed by the crows, why they don't just wipe them out is beyond me, but I have never seen an eagle strike back. Great way to end the work day.

On the way up the hill from the lake we noticed our leeks have fallen over which is a sure sign it is time to harvest. If you have never cooked with fresh leeks, let me encourage you. The ones in the store are pretty tough.

I cut up four red potatoes and set them in a pan of water, then the green part of the leeks, I will save the white part for tomorrow. Use more leeks than you think is possible, they end up vanishing into the broth. A bit of red curry, sea salt and garlic and we are off to the races. It takes about 20 minutes to cook down and then I will poach a bit of true cod in the sauce. Yumms the word.

Monday, June 3, 2013

A hotel in Puyallup

During the excavation for the renovation, all of the wires, pipes, cables etc coming to the Seattle house from the street were wiped out. That is normal considering we were changing the entire front yard.

We have replaced everything except the analog phone line and needed to do that and the worker came out and said it was dire and it would take weeks.

However, I needed to teach MGT 512 via vLive tonight and cell coverage here is iffy at best. Not wishing to leave anything to chance, as I was finishing the last business meeting for the day, Kathy was packing and we chose a Hilton branded hotel ( Hampton Inn ) in Puyallup. I have most of my miles with Hilton right now and a free water bottle, thing of cookies and free wireless isn't much, but it beats less. Alex told me to get a room with a wired connection and they had one.

We set up, checked the Internet, brought up the slides for the class and decided to get some dinner, we had two hours until the class. We asked the hotel for a walking distance recommendation and they suggested Jason's, a family owned sports bar type place.

There were only four tables filled in the restaurant, but the kitchen was so slow, we had to take our food to go. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either, but what really ticked me off, is the menu claims the chicken was smoked, and no way, overcooked to cardboard, but not smoked. Kathy chose sides and came out better.