Sunday, June 23, 2013

Washington DC to Seattle

On my last day of teaching MGT 512, I finally got my trip to 5 Guys. They make  one of the best burgers in the world, but it has its cost. I gained 4 pounds during the trip and my bacon cheeseburger is probably part of the reason. No worries, I have three weeks to manage what I eat and work out before the next trip and I really enjoyed the burger.

The trip to Dulles was easy, love flying on a Saturday. Dulles was fairly empty and we scored TSA PRE so getting through security was easy. United 1617 was either on time or close enough not to notice. This was one of those former Continental planes with direct TV. I mostly slept, I was spent, but I did watch a bit of the latest Bruce Willis, a good day to die harder or some such. Rookie flight attendants that did not bring water, but I had my thermos and it was full of water.

Starline was there to pick us up and we crashed into bed. We woke up three or four hours before time to go to church. It was a great lesson and we got back and I fell in bed. Got some respiratory infection in Austin and still have not shaken it. But hey, got the job done in DC, now I can rest and heal.

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