Sunday, June 16, 2013

Seattle to Washington DC

Savvy solutions came to pick us up at 8:00 AM. United sent a note that we needed to allow three hours at the airport. Maybe that is due to sequestration, not sure. All went well though, so after clearing security, we dropped in to the renovated United club.

We didn't take the guided tour of tasting of Glenfiddich, nor did we see anyone else taking advantage of that benefit. The club is new, so the chairs are not raggedy yet, but I think it was poorly designed. The mens bathroom has one toilet in a club that can probably hold 200 people. The food, coffee and tea station is in a hallway creating a checkpoint. However, that is neither here nor there, I surely like being in A gates more than N gates.

Flight 260F was on time or close to it. The in-flight movie was Safe Haven, a love story of a girl that left an abusive husband and found a new life; I cried several times. Not sure it the movie was that good or if I was weepy, but would be willing to own the DVD.

Hotel sent a car for us, driver, born and bred in DC was pleasant. Staff at check in here at the Washington Hilton and towers was quick and professional. The room was pretty nice, though the long black hair just outside the shower took a bit of the joy away. We decided to eat in the hotel, so dropped into the Sports bar. Food was OK and ran into friends, which was even better.

Gosh it was great to climb into bed, woke up naturally with the sun coming through the window at 7:30 AM which is a great way to jump into this time zone.

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