Friday, July 21, 2017

Dinner - Brent and Peggy

Playlist July 20, 2017
Pupus: dips and dippers, (Trader Joe Veggie Chips)
Shrimp gumbo dip
Chicken lime cheese dip

Initial table setting: small plates with small bowls - load bowls in kitchen
Bean and mix grill soup. Serve broth from kitchen. Pass bowl around with grilled meat, (fillet mignon and sausage) Remove bowls when people are finished, leave plates.

Fruit Salad in dish at table self serve on plates. Remove plates and wash when people are finished.

Large plates load in kitchen
Backyard rub pork over greens
Potato patties with yogurt/Parmesan topping, put extras in dish to pass around
Hummus balls with green enchilada sauce?

Dessert - small plates, load in kitchen:
Brownies with vanilla yogurt + date honey drizzle + dust with nutmeg

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Duracell Batteries Leak

This is not the result of scientific testing, but in both houses I have noticed that my flashlights with Duracell batteries are getting ruined by leaking batteries. The crazy thing is that they are all Duracells. The batteries in my supply cabinet that leak and make a huge mess are all Duracells. I am very tired of the white powder from a battery leak, tired of feeling my skin burn even after washing with soap.

I don't know if it will be any better, but we plan to go to Costco after church tomorrow and I think I will try the Kirkland brand; probably cannot do worse.