Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dinner - The Petersons - Playlist

NOTES: 1) Lactose and Gluten Free 2) They want to play on the lake on arrival, so nothing will be time sensitive. 3) Due to "table density", we will go with large plates, serve family style

Anti-Pasta, COLD 3 kinds of pasta cooked with caraway, stirred with star anise, garlic, salt, olive oil. I will add some veggies, olives, meats closer to time and recheck spicing, (pasta eats spice)

Sides: 1) Rice pilaf, HOT, served with first two mains. 2) Falafel ROOM TEMP on a plate. 3) Hummus, COLD 4) Panko/Rosemary encrusted Zucchini, HOT

FIRST: Pollo Puttanesca, Maiale Pancetta
SECOND Souvlaki, Maiale di Funghi w Marzanos

NOTE: pull plates, put out dessert plates
Flourless Carob Date Raisin "brownie"