Friday, June 21, 2013

Russia House

My class, MGT 514, is going pretty well and Kathy needs to shoot the evening talks at SANSFIRE tonight, so we decided to get an early dinner. When we stay at the Washington Hilton, we always try to visit the Russia House at least once.

We were the only customers in the downstairs room for our entire time, you have to love that. We do not usually drink wine before the job is complete, but it was day 4 of my course and I have taught the day 5 material many times, so we splurged on a 13% wine from Georgia ( as in Russia), called Mukuzani. We could not eat a ton of food, so we both ordered two appetizers. Kathy had the Elk Sausage with Cherries and the Squab Waldorf Salad. They were out of Squab so they substituted venison.

I had the Duck Confit Blini and the Potato Mushroom Cocotte. Generous portions, neither of us could finish our food.

All in all, a great experience, very glad for my visit to the Russia House.

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