Monday, June 3, 2013

A hotel in Puyallup

During the excavation for the renovation, all of the wires, pipes, cables etc coming to the Seattle house from the street were wiped out. That is normal considering we were changing the entire front yard.

We have replaced everything except the analog phone line and needed to do that and the worker came out and said it was dire and it would take weeks.

However, I needed to teach MGT 512 via vLive tonight and cell coverage here is iffy at best. Not wishing to leave anything to chance, as I was finishing the last business meeting for the day, Kathy was packing and we chose a Hilton branded hotel ( Hampton Inn ) in Puyallup. I have most of my miles with Hilton right now and a free water bottle, thing of cookies and free wireless isn't much, but it beats less. Alex told me to get a room with a wired connection and they had one.

We set up, checked the Internet, brought up the slides for the class and decided to get some dinner, we had two hours until the class. We asked the hotel for a walking distance recommendation and they suggested Jason's, a family owned sports bar type place.

There were only four tables filled in the restaurant, but the kitchen was so slow, we had to take our food to go. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either, but what really ticked me off, is the menu claims the chicken was smoked, and no way, overcooked to cardboard, but not smoked. Kathy chose sides and came out better.

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