Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Sleepy Memorial Day Weekend

Back to back jobs in San Diego and Austin had their price; we both hit the wall. I managed to get up yesterday (Saturday) and make it to Fred Meyer's for some provisions.

We had Lasagna last night, but in a different way. Made everything on the stovetop, so we could both choose how much of each ingredient we wanted in our lasagna. Found some brown rice pasta noodles at Fred Meyer (FM); they were not awesome to be truthful, they went from very Al Dante, to soggy very fast. Chopped up a Sweet Vidalia onion and finished off a jar of artichoke hearts using the oil and spices from the jar. Did not find Ricotta cheese at FM, but did find low fat Cottage Cheese which I cooked up with two eggs, was very pleased with the result after mixing in some Parmesan. FM had some beef that had just gotten out of date and looked great, very dark and little fat or gristle. Chopped into an analog for ground beef and mixed it with the "No Sugar added" Hunts Tomato Sauce at a dollar a can sauce. For cheese, we had some United Club cheese ( I know that sounds "cheesy", but once again our United flights were delayed and we took some cheese from the Club in case we were stuck in a hotel with all restaurants closed; it happens). I used one personal serving of medium cheddar, a serving of pepper jack and a block of some non-descript white cheese. The thing that took this lasagna over the top was to do it  Puttanesca, we had some pitted Kalamatas from Costco that Kathy insisted on months ago. I never thought they would get fully used, but she put fifteen or so on my cutting board. That was the ticket.

Last night we watched one movie, it was all we could stay awake for, Chasing Mavericks, I had seen it before ( on an airplane of course). I think it is a great movie, Kathy was asking me question in the beginning, but I was too emotional to answer.

I just woke up for the day, (Sunday); we missed church, but we did a Bible Study together on Ezekiel Saw The Wheel. That is one of the toughest passages I think, but there are a number of helpful commentaries. Normally, I favor Chuck Smith's, but this is one of his weaker efforts. Of course no two seem to fully agree and most of them change the subject, since it is a tough passage. When we were done we celebrated with the Dixie Hummingbirds version of the Gospel Song, I know the Charioteer's have the most famous rendition, but the Hummingbirds are still my favorite.

When I was in Hawaii, I ordered a "Zombie" machete from Kennesaw Cutlery. It is stainless steel and comes fairly sharp. Obviously the combination means a lot of edge maintenance, but I enjoy sharpening tools. I gave mine to a young man who is living in the Kalalau Valley. They just had a free shipping offer and Kathy needed some black parachute cord so I added a replacement machete. I suspect I am going to learn that for me, the classic carbon steel and a blunt edge for landscaping is better, but I have some bushes that need trimming and am pretty sure I can restore the edge so I will give it a try. I must admit I would love to hear how the young man uses the blade though, I am guessing he is not planning on trimming Ironwood bushes.

The air is still and the lake is like a mirror, the Cottonwoods are still "cottoning" to the great delights of the ducks who eat it off the surface.

Kathy is still in bed and I am very happy for her. We have done a lot, we can use this three day weekend to catch up with rest.

The new addition is almost done. Lord knows we have been patient, but I thank our builder, (who had just rebranded as Macfarlane homes), he has been patient as well.

Don't think I will take the truck out today, there is nowhere that I want to go, but I did buy a potato and some Orange Roughy at FM, I think that will be the highlight of the day.

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