Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day - San Diego

Taught day 4 of MGT 512 today. I think it went well, though the risk management section is still rough. The new version rolls out next month at SANSFIRE and I hope it teaches a lot better. Kathy was shooting the conference events so I caught up on email.

When she was all done, we opened a 2009 Carruth Cellars North Coast Barbera and had a glass of wine.  Then we went to Sally's on the water for Mother's Day dinner. Kathy had the "Small" Seafood selection, I had the Lobster Paella.

The food was tasty, but it was not the best experience. My lobster was bullet proof, the kitchen did not do any helpful cuts in the shell and their lobster cracker was anemic. It was late and the wait staff were really interested in collecting our dishes and took Kathy's away before we could harvest the lemons. When you are on travel having a few extra lemon slices is a big win and getting the bum rush on Mother's day is uncool.

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