Sunday, May 19, 2013

Seattle to Austin

Friday, we did as much work as possible including training on EnrollmentRX, then got our car to the airport. On the way we stopped at the open house of Macfarlane Homes, led by Chris Welch. This was a spec house that has been completed. It seems pretty nice.

Then on to the airport. Pre was closed and the security line was incredibly long, but a United person took us straight to the TSA person that checks your identity.

Second time in a row we were massively delayed. Flight 1294 had a "crew delay" whatever that was. When we checked in the gate folks mentioned problems and asked if we would  like to be booked on an alternate flight, we said we would do what ever they recommended. They said stick with your current flight, our plane was already in the air. We sat in the United club in view of a flight status board; our flight kept running later and later. Either it was not really already in the air, or it was experiencing terrible headwinds.

I went to customer service, but it was already too late. The four seats on the alternate flight were given to four global services people and no hope for us.

But wait! Our names were not even on the standby board at all. What? Called the 1K desk, they had rebooked us on Alaska Airlines and it was a direct flight. They printed us tickets and then offered to upgrade to first class for $50.00 a ticket; oh yes! On time flight, decent service, the standard cold chicken breast snack, but hey!

Starline limo was able to adapt, and picked us up after we collected our bags

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