Tuesday, May 14, 2013

San Diego to Seattle

This is the first time I have ever tried to fly the day I taught. But it worked out. The Hyatt Manchester was kind enough to offer a ride to the airport. It was in one of those Escalades so there was plenty of room for our bags.

We need not have hurried, our flight ( UA 522) was delayed due to no crew. As we checked in, we asked about the wisdom of switching to UA 5553 which left about the same time. The check in agent said that 522 was already in the air, so it would only be 30 minutes late so we could still make our connection in SFO to UA 351.

We found the United lounge, it was almost empty, and I set up my laptop. The United web site said the plane would depart San Diego about 10:17 and since our connection left SFO at 9:49, that would not work. I went to the United desk and they put us on standby for UA 5553 scheduled to depart at 7:47 and told us to be at the gate at 7:15. We were there at 7:00, I went up to the gate agent and she told me she could not talk to stand by passengers at this time.

I watched the board and our names were not listed as standby? So I called United 1K desk and they said we had been rebooked on Alaska Airlines, would have been nice to have told us. I wandered over to Alaska and they printed tickets for Alaska 479U direct from San Diego to SEATAC. Then I called Starline limo and told Sergei about the change. 479U was on time and the service was excellent. The snack was cold chicken breast and salad, it is hard to make cold chicken breast really appealing, but if I soaked bits in my lemon vinagrete I could swallow it.

We reached SEATAC, but Kathy was asleep and her ears did not clear. As a result, she had balance problems and we were packing heavy with luggage. I called Starline and the guy was there faster than I have ever seen. My house is under construction ( we are adding an addition) and I had to get through the home security systems. The driver just left the bags in the driveway and Kathy was trying to carry them, couldn't roll them, they haven't poured the concrete driveway yet. I may need to try another car company. Anyway, I got all the doors open, got the bags into our room and we crashed, didn't eat, didn't brush our teeth, pulled back the covers and crashed. We awoke the next morning to the sound of construction. Going to be an interesting couple of days.

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