Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kauai to San Diego

Got a ride to the airport from Garden Island Concierge. They were on time as usual. We were early in case of delays based on TSA furloughs due to the sequestration, but the airport was nearly empty.

Dropped into the bar restaurant. I had an orange juice and the Fried Rice, Kathy had a water and a Salad. Then we made our way to our gate. United 479 was on time and the purser, Deana, was someone we have flow with before and it was fun to catch up. The movie was The Guilt Trip, which did not work for me, but Kathy loved it and wants to own a copy.

We made it to LAX and for some reason did not want to visit the United club so we just made our way to our gate. We found a row of seats that did not have arm rests and Kathy was able to lay down and get an hour or so rest.

United 6320 LAX to SAN was also on time. Very small plane, smallest overhead I have seen yet, but it got us there. The hotel ( Hyatt Manchester) sent a driver to pick us up. I am not sure why:
A) We are considered a VIP and
B) Why they work so hard at it
but the service was incredible. This has long been one of my favorite properties in the entire hotel universe SANS uses.

The room was not available ( I think we arrived at 7:40 A.M.), so we sat in some comfortable chairs until they had made up a room. We crashed. Then we got up to get Kathy's Mac fixed at the Apple Store. The power button has ceased to boot the system. We took a taxi to Fashion Valley Mall. This is a classic big American mall. She had already had diagnostics done, so they put the Mac in a bag. While we were there we decided to eat lunch. We went to Stacked. I do not know that I can do this restaurant justice. It is bar food, but most of the interaction with the restaurant is done with a wireless iPad ( kind of poetic when you are visiting an Apple store). Everything can be custom. We ordered water and a gluten free pizza, maybe a bit pricey, but I honestly believe this is the restaurant of the future.

The rooms here are very nice, no signs of dirt or wear. The art in our room has one incredible piece, it is a map of San Diego, clearly computer generated, but really clever, it is all done with words.

We arranged for two in room massages from a Massage Envy type that was free lancing and then headed out for dinner at the Greek Island Cafe in Sea Port Village. It is not the best food in San Diego, nor the best atmosphere, nor the best service, but after fifteen years of conference life at either the Hyatt or the Marriott, it has become comfort food for me. I get the Combo, Kathy gets the Salad and life is good. We even had a glass of Greek wine (My Big Fat Greek Wine, I kid you not). Then two tried travelers tumbled into bed. Sadly, one of them woke up in the middle of the night as you can see from the time stamp on this blog post. No problem though, I have some leftover food from my combo and need to service my email anyway.

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