Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day one in Austin

Today was the first day of MGT 514 in Austin. We have 21 people which frankly was a surprise, I thought Security Strategic Planning, Policy and Leadership would only work at the larger venues. I am co-teaching with Mark Williams, after this he should be read to take the class on solo.

After school, we caught up on our email and then went to dinner at the Driskill. I believe it was established in 1866. Kathy had the Quinoa Pilaf and I had the Chicken Mac Cheese. Neither of us could finish our dinner. For the first half of the meal we had the place to ourselves.

They park horse carriages outside of the hotel and Kathy was watching one of them (Cavanaugh) through the window the whole time we were eating. After we settled up with the restaurant, we took a one hour tour on the carriage to the lake and back.

Now it is time to get ready for tomorrow, day 2 is the hardest to teach by far.

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