Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sharks at Perfects and Baby Beach

Perfect day. After work we went swimming upside down holding hands at Perfects and talking about our day. Have to say there were great water temps. We were making our way up to the soccer park and two locals yelled at us and waved to come in. We turned around to meet them and then one gave the shark hand signal, so we dropped hands and started using the waves to come in. Noticed they had spears and guessed they had caught some fish and the shark had followed them back so we turned up current of them and aimed for about 30' away up beach.

Tried to time the shore break and said a quiet prayer, "Lord, please don't let the waves knock us down". Not so much fear of the shark as a bit of a crowd had gathered and I didn't want to be a stupid haole. We both made it on to the beach standing up.

Wandered over and they said they saw the shark near us. It was a white tip so really no danger unless you stick your hand in their mouth or are holding something that is on their menu.

Then he came right by, three feet from the waters edge. One of the locals said, "look at all that meat". Spears up. He came by again, the guy with the spear gun pulled the trigger, safety was on. Shark passed by again, shot was high. I sort of felt bad for the shark and was amazed when he came by again after being shot at.

At that point we told the guys thanks for the warning and headed for the beach shower. We met a couple on the way from Tacoma that said yesterday a smaller shark had come over the inner reef at Baby Beach ( about 300 yards south and over the bridge from Perfects). That has happened before. Baby Beach is named that because it is a very safe place for small children, I can imagine seeing a shark with a bunch of toddlers gets the moms excited.

Really it is all minimal danger, but maybe, just maybe, we will go to Lydgate after work tomorrow for our swim. I have not seen the place since the did the work on the rock wall anyway.

No, that's not the shark from yesterday, this is the Sydney acquarium, but I thought it would be fun. We did go to Lydgate and it is trashed, there is all this biological matter and the entire center of the pond is black. My new plan is to go to Hanalei tomorrow.

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