Friday, December 21, 2012

Cinebistro - Hobbit Unexpected Journey

Last night Kathy and took in the 6:00 showing at Cinebistro. We had great seats and there were wonderful couples to both our left and right.  One of the secrets of Cinebistro is that they often have sides that are not on the menu. You just have to ask. Kathy found out they had collard greens which is a favorite of hers. For her main, she had the seared Ahi tuna. I had the Fettuccini and this is my new favorite, I have tried the meatloaf and hamburger already. We shared a bottle of wine and shared a glass with the couple to our left.

I did enjoy the movie, I really don't have anything deep to share about it, but fell into the story and enjoyed it. I am not a super Lord of the Rings freak, but when I was in college I was taking cartography and I did a map of Middle Earth for my final project. It is hanging in Hawaii and the moisture and salt have aged it so it looks pretty old. Wonder what it would fetch on eBay as they unveil the new series.

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