Thursday, December 20, 2012

Family Secrets Restaurant

Kathy and I met with SANS Mentor Chip Greene, who is planning to run an MGT 512 event in Richmond Va in February. We met at Family Secrets Restaurant downtown.  This is an American Cuisine with Soul Food inspiration venue. The prices are very reasonable and Dana, our drop dead gorgeous server, was gracious and attentive.

I had the North Carolina pulled pork w mac cheese and yams as my sides. The pork and mac cheese were great the yams were way too sweet for my tast, but here is a link to better yams. Kathy had the veggie platter, two sides of greens and one side of green beans. The greens were cooked with ham bones and that took them over the top. But, she just had dental work done, so she had to be careful not to chomp down on the bones. The green beens were OK, not great. Chip had the blackened fish (generous portion!!!), with greens and rice with gravy. He killed his greens, left most of his rice.

The unsweetened ice tea is sweetened, I can only imagine what the sweet tea tastes like. Would I go again? Sure; when you have a hankering for food from the South, this will satisfy.

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