Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cinebistro - Lincoln

About 1 PM today, Saturday, the weekend before Christmas, I realized I was board and asked Kathy if she wanted to see Lincoln at Cinebistro. If we did, we needed to be out of the house in ten minutes. One of the things we have done since we were first married, is I drive and she puts her makeup on while we drive.

The movie was awesome, if you have not seen it, put it on your list, I think it would have as much impact from a DVD as it does on the silver screen, there is a lot of depth to it.

We did feel like getting a bottle of wine in the middle of the day, but Kathy got a side of collard greens and I bought a bowl of the bottomless popcorn, but even with Kathy's help could not finish it; once you reduce your salt intake, exposure to too much salt makes you feel bad.

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