Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chicago Airport C concourse food court

There is a wine bar just outside that I have always wanted to try, but never has an empty seat and today was no exception. The business part of my brain screams because 10 or 20 more seats would be a lot more revenue. However, this is Chicago and you have to buy a lot of politicians to make your way. However, in the food court there is another bar that runs by the name of the Jazz Bar.

Now, I know, this is probably making you think we drink our way from coast to coast. No way. Kathy and I are extremely careful about drinking while on travel because anything can happen and  we have experienced a number of reminders of that. However, while the Jazz Bar does not have jazz, it usually has seats. Sadly, their wine choices are fairly limited, Fetzer and Fetzer and I cannot do that, so we ordered two vodka tonics with two waters with lemon and then went to look for food at the food court. There has to be a better way to handle Chicago Airport, the two vodka tonics were 18.36 before gratuity, which is half of a bottle of a really nice vodka ( this was Smirnoff's and I will lead you to draw you own conclusions, but hey, we got a seat.).

There is a salad place in the food court and it is amazing. Not everyone that stops and gets food from there is a skinny pretty girl, but all of the skinny pretty girls stop and get salad from there, including my own foxy wife. I just could not stomach any of the choices in the food court, I tried, I stared at ever sign thoughtfully, but when we left, I zipped over to the MacDonalds and grabbed a cheeseburger; $2.50, a bargain at ORD, and an additional plus, I could swallow it. When you are on the road as much as I have been, you realize that in travel mode there are things you just cannot put in your mouth or bad things will happen.

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