Monday, March 3, 2014

Vassey Nursery - Puyallup

I had heard the tales of woe not being able to find the place, before we left we I checked Google maps; woah, love the new upgrade to Google maps. Next, I dragged the Garmin GPS out of the Mustang and called OnStar as well. I was beginning to doubt both of them, but after I passed the traffic circle it seemed like there might be light at the end of the tunnel. Three navigational tips:

  • They are on Tacoma rd, not Stewart
  • There are other roads after you turn off W Pioneer, Google maps calls them all Tacoma, the street signs say otherwise. If you simply continue to go straight it will work.
  • Their phone number is 253.841.3550, write it down, put it in your pocket, they have had some practice vectoring people in, as their website says, "We wouldn't want to miss you."

We have a little blueberry patch down towards the lake and have room to add some more. Kathy ended up liking the huckleberries better so we have a bit of work ahead of us making sure everything is able to cross pollinate, but happy to dig some more holes.

Kathy found four huckleberry plants that she liked. They have a great selection. I would love to say something about the price, but have no clue what a huckleberry in a one gallon pot should cost. The staff is very friendly. As we were driving back towards Sumner, the rain stopped and it turned blue sky. We planted them as soon as we got home, great exercise, great fun.

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