Friday, March 7, 2014

Rooter's BBQ Covington/Black Diamond -> The Lake Wilderness Grill

I finished updating day 1 of my course, Management 512, Security Leadership Essentials and told Kathy that to celebrate we should go someplace we have not been. It was a gorgeous Pacific Northwest blue sky day. I looked at the map and decided to visit Covington and see what was there.

We headed out at 4 PM, the plan was to get an early dinner and get back while there was still light. I used Google to find restaurants. Tripadvisor said Rooter's was the second most highly rated restaurant in Covington. Sounded like a plan. The first hint something might be wrong was when the Garmin couldn't find it. No problem, I dialed in OnStar and they downloaded the directions into the car, we were off!

We got there, only to find out they were closed, as in shut down. There is a sign that a restaurant will reopen in the building on March 21.

So, what to do? We used the Garmin and found an alternate restaurant, the Lake Wilderness Grill. It was at a golf club. When we walked in I noticed the carpet was a bit worn. There was no reception station, so I found someone sitting at the bar and asked if you had to be a member to eat there, he smiled and said no.

It was fairly low end, we both opted for the Chili with no onions. They did a fine job of making a chili. There was something that really struck me everybody knew each other by first name and included us in their conversations. I had a local beer. While we were sitting there the conversation turned to an elk that had been shot near there. Brittany, the bar tender expressed concern that the elk had been on the golf course. I am planning to host a small dinner that next Thursday and I think, I will work a Pacific Northwest Theme; I just happen to have a piece of elk in the freezer from Butcher Boys in Puyallup.

Well, time to get to work on Day 3 of the course. I have been putting it off because it is the crypto day and after the Snowden disclosures, I need to be very careful, the world is certainly different than we had been told.

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