Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Primo Grill Tacoma Lunch - Elk Sandwich Dinner

Kathy and I received an invitation to the Fisher Friends gathering in Tacoma. It was held at Primo Grill in Tacoma, 601 S. Pine st, 253.383.7000. We had a private room and I liked all the other people there.

We had an appetizer, a salad, Kathy and I both chose the Halibut as her main and I had the white chocolate cheesecake, I just ate a taste, but it was all good. The only real negative is how limited parking was. The owner, Jacqueline Plattner, also owns a bar called Crown, a little ways down 6th avenue.

It was a gorgeous day in the Pacific NorthWest, blue sky, warm enough to put the top down on the convertible. Since we had driven all the way to Tacoma we decided to do a second errand, we went to Trader Joe's on Bridgeport Way in nearby University Place. Thursday, eight days from now, I would like to put on a dinner for friends and want to do a Lebanon Mezze, I was able to purchase some wonderful stuff, but this is one of the smaller Trader Joe's. However, as a bonus, next door to Trader's is a bakery, Great Harvest Bread Co, I stuck my head in and asked if they had anything gluten free; they had two choices. I chose the Dakota-Buckwheat. It can be quite challenging to find fresh GF bread, this was fun.

The bakery notwithstanding, next time I visit Trader's, I think I will visit the store in Federal Way, 1758 S 320th St, Federal Way, WA.

The lovely weather held and we made our way back home, did a bit of gardening. Then when we got hungry from our work I asked Kathy if she would like an elk sandwich. Cut four slices off the loaf, the bread cut very well, stuck them in the toaster. Spread some whole seed mustard on one side, put a few spinach leaves and carbonized red onions on the mustard, covered with some slices of Beecher's Flagship Cheese and set it on a skillet. With the other piece of bread I put a little mayo, and some sun dried tomato pesto. On top of that I laid the Elk. I put them in the broiler till the cheese just started to melt. Put the two sides together and pressed. Gosh that was fun.

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