Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jury duty - Tacoma Superior Court

Monday, March 24, I reported for jury duty at Pierce County Superior Court, 930 Tacoma Ave. I wasn't sure how much traffic I would encounter so I left home early and arrived at 0745. There was already a line at the security checkpoint.

According to Connie, the juror mom, there were 165 people in the juror assembly room, there are 90 juror parking spots. They had a training movie to watch, followed by a brief by Connie and they started assigning us to groups. My group is called marble. We each got a number. Then they gave us a questionnaire and when we turned it in, we were allowed to leave. Tuesday, we sat in the room, they said it would be till 1430 but they did not call us till 1505.

During the lunch break, I decided to get the lay of the land, so I started walking down, (down), Tacoma Ave. S. After a few blocks it was becoming clear I was heading into the wrong part of town, so I reversed course and went the other way, (North). Still did not find anything notable. It started raining, so I turned around again. I remembered there was a MacDonald's across the street from the court building. I would have preferred something local, but since I hold that equity, I try to stick my head in the door from time to time. Had the Bacon Habenero Ranch Quarterpounder, not bad.

Wednesday, a group of six ladies, fellow jurors, invited me to join them at Tower Coffee Bar and Grill for lunch. I had the Greek Salad, nice greens and presentation, but they need to work on the dressing, it seemed to be pure balsamic vinegar. I also tried the club, which the barista said was the best selling thing on the menu. It was huge, but the bread was dry and fell apart. However, two of the ladies got the macaroni and cheese and it looked awesome. If I go back, I think I will try it. What I am hoping for is a lunch break that let's me experience the Bates Technical College Chef Training lunch. If not, Kathy and I may just have to drive into Tacoma sometime and give that a try.

Thursday, I got a bye and got to stay home, good thing too, I am starting to fall behind.

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