Friday, March 14, 2014

Berryland Cafe - Sumner

We were unable to find the DMV where we wanted to eat at the Mongolian BBQ that is in the same shopping center. So we zipped up to Sumner on Valley Ave and went to Main St. There are not a lot of restaurants in Sumner we have not been to, but one of them is Berryland.

It is an interesting place. Not fine cuisine, bit run down, but friendly. And, like our trip to Covington, this was similar to the experience at the Lake Wilderness Grill. Patrons knew each other by first name.

Hamburger type menu, but the pies, oh the pies. Kathy had the potato salad, clearly locally made with mustard and pickle relish, not too sweet. She also had the butternut squash soup of the day, a little sweet for our taste, but spiced well.

I had the "French Dip", roast beef served with Au Jus, (though it wasn't before I ate half the sandwich) and Clam Chowder. We did not have room to order pie, but we will be back for a coffee and to share a piece of pie.

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