Monday, March 17, 2014

Kevin Le Landscaping & Gardening Services

A couple weeks ago I found an extra large green postcard in my mailbox advertising their services; these guys do it all. We just had a concrete driveway installed, (long story), and for safety reasons it has a 30' long planter in front of the retaining wall. But they filled the planter with gravel.

Kevin and his team dug it out being careful not to damage, the telephone conduit is routed along the street side. Then they filled it with some really good looking topsoil. There was not enough topsoil, but he did not argue and went to get more. Since he was so amenable I offered some more work. There is a poorly installed, harry homeowner style retaining wall on the other side of the drive way. He agreed to build a proper retaining wall and fill it back up with topsoil for an additional $500.00. Fantastic! They finished filling in the planters and as a team we installed huckleberries.

I plan to ask him about a couple more projects when we pay for this one, I am a very satisfied customer. If you have had people fail to show up, or similar issues, I think you will find Kevin a blessing. 253-444-7127, 425-614-8060,

Here is a photo of his equipment and that is Kevin inspecting his retaining wall.

Update: I have used Kevin for several other big jobs including covering the path by the lake with gravel. It is 300' from the driveway, all downhill, but the last 20' is a cliff. Kevin constructed a chute out of sheet metal and they poured the gravel down the cliff, pretty akamai!

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