Monday, April 29, 2013

Guacamole and Egg White Cornbread

South winds today again, really sapped our energy, but we are breathing OK. Did not bubbleize. After work today Kathy and I went swimming. Much less debris today.

After swimming we had a cold food supper; high time to start clearing the fridge. We had tostados, guacamole, a chicken breast and some parmesan reggiano cheese. Tasty, but there was guacamole left over.

So, I resolved to cook it up into a cornbread. Had a couple slices of tri-tip, sliced them up, found a hot pepper, always a plus. I have three cartons of egg white, so one carton was a sure thing. I am finding flax seed in a cornbread adds more than just health, busted that out. Obviously there was a need for some cornmeal, sea salt, spices (garlic, fresh basil and chili powder). Poured them all into a non-stick skillet, stirred them up, put it on the burner on low head and then finished with the broiler. The crazy thing is that I do not add baking powder or any other rising agent to my cornbreads, I like them dense. But with all that egg white this rose and is fluffy; kinda cool.

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