Friday, April 12, 2013

Pa'ina tonight

Excited about tonight's dinner party.

We will start with a Wahoo salad on a tostada in a pupu size serving on the same tostada another pupu, Ahi Mole ( by the way, next time I think I will buy the Mole, making it from scratch takes a bit of time). Then fill out the pupu plate with a slice of Potato with two kinds of cheese (Romano Pecorino and Cheddar (Tilamook) fried with Rosemary and Taragon and topped with an uncured piece of Canadian Bacon.

For the main, we will have a Chicken, Mushroom, Brown Rice stew, with Bacon garnish.

Dessert: Banana Nut Pancakes cooked with a Pistachio and Pecan Nuts, Dark Chocolate and Cherries sauce. The cherries are very happy right now, they are soaking in Dark Rum.

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