Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pa'ina on Aloha Friday

Every once in a while the Kauai SANS office gets together for a potluck lunch. I wanted to bring a fried rice dish, but have not been ale to determine whether to do it Island style, Terriyaki style or more of a Mediterranean style. Got some frozen Raw Shrimp, have some truly lovely (no nitrate) Canadian Bacon and some Chicken along with plenty of Peppers, Celery and Onion. Or maybe Creole, that is sounding even more fun. . . Well things just got a bit more complex, Kathy wanted me to add Mung beans to the rice, so I will taste it and see what can be done :)

Kathy saw some whales breaching today right out the bedroom sliding glass door, she called me and I came over, but missed them and today was a busy day, so I zipped back over to the office.

The weather yesterday and today is epic. Great swims during the heat of the day both days and then come back to the office and make the time up by staying late.

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