Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sunny, but rough waters

It is a nice day, lots of sunshine, not too hot. I spent most of my time working on my trading notebook; trying to decide whether to open a position on Genworth. But by 2:30 PM, it was time to get into the ocean.

Waves were about 3 feet which matches the surf report of 2 - 4'. That is well within my capability to handle with fins on even when swimming alone. But then I started to get psyched out, some of the waves further out were brown (must have rained upmountain). And there was a lot of material in the water, not just the usual sticks and leaves, but I saw a five gallon bucket float by and then what looked like part of a fishing rod. I think I managed to get my full aerobic 20 minutes, forgot my dive watch, but decided to get out. Of course, my shoes were down at the other end so had to walk back about a mile barefoot on the bikepath, but my feet have toughened up some this trip so it wasn't that bad.

Took a longer beach shower than usual because of all the junk in the water, was glad I had remembered to bring a hotel shampoo bottle to wash the stuff out of my hair.

And enjoyable quiet day.

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