Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hey now, hey now, the VOG is back

Yesterday was epic ( as they use the word in Hawaii surfer speak). Perfect weather, warm, not hot. The waves were perfectly formed, not choppy. We went swimming and then I got to hike to Kelia. On the way back though I started to sneeze; a sure sign the VOG was coming back.

Last night was pizza night. I made the crust with fresh herbs, flax meal, a little corn meal, a hot pepper, garlic and some egg white as the binder. On top of the crust, added chicken, mushroom, garlic and rosemary. Then a marinara sauce on top of that followed by a three cheese topping. There is a piece left over and after writing all this down, I am suddenly hungry :)

Today, you can't see the mountains, the VOG is so thick, and I am coughing. There are some other quality of life issues worth mentioning.

Congress is working to remove themselves from Obamacare. They were supposed to be part of the system so they would understand the impact it had on the rest of us. Apparently, this is one of the few times the republicans and democrats can agree on something.

The FAA just released a press release that due to sequestration travelers can expect to see delays especially in Vegas, LA and Dallas. Great!

But I am not complaining, oh no! Despite the best efforts of the VOG and our government, life is good.

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