Sunday, April 7, 2013

VOG - we are in the bubble on Kauai

When you build a house, there are always things you forget or can improve on later. When we built our home on Kauai, they did not have the VOG problem they have today. I was having trouble getting into and out of my sports car (Honda 2000) and the guy that built this house (Luis Soltren) was between jobs.

After we built the house, the weather pattern changed and we started to have VOG. Neither Kathy nor I have industrial strength respiratory systems and we both tend to get asthmatic when the VOG blows in on a South wind. We have actually jumped a jet and just left before, but it would be nice to have a choice. I wanted to have the ability to button up the office and a bedroom so that when the VOG comes we can breathe filtered air. Luis was willing to trade the car for his labor.

We still need one more improvement, we do not have a flat screen in the office, so watching movies is a challenge, but I have the last 17" Macbook Pro model, so country boy can survive.

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