Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wild boar, porcini and pasta

Kathy and I were out today in Puyallup on our way back from JBLM and she was hungry, we chose a Mongolian grill, which was pretty bad. But hey, we were so close to Butcher Boys, we decided to press on. I got some alligator, venison and a bit of boar.

Kathy wasn't hungry, I had just a little bit of brown rice spaghetti left, so I broke it in half an covered it with hot water and put it on high. I added some dried porcini mushroom and dried mild garlic cloves. Then a few green stuffed olives cut in half. The only spice I added was fresh ground pepper. Waited on salt till the end. Garnished with a few pine nuts. Very pleasant.

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