Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2003 Nonno Giuseppe Zinfandel - Neese Vineyards - Redwood Valley

Kathy and I decided to share a bottle of wine and broke out an old friend. I wondered if I should decant, but poured very carefully and left a little in the bottle. At ZAP 2006, it scored 8/8.5; what has nine more years in the bottle done for it?

In appearance, it is the classic Zinfandel purple, bright, not too dark. Even for its age, the wine is still crystal clear. The cork had "purpled through" about 1/8", cork shows age, but was in perfect condition. The bottle has been turned 1/4 of the way monthly since we purchased it.

On the nose, it was aromatic, (raspberry and spice), as soon as the bottle was opened. I could not sense even a hint of pepper, though that is a Zinfandel hallmark.

I waited ten minutes after opening for the first taste. Classic medium sweet, medium to full body, low level of round tannins, amazingly well balanced for a 14.8% with a plum flavor, though I would not call it jammy. Tested the finish; took a small sip, swallowed it and focused on my tongue. The first change happened in the first three seconds, a short finish, but after the half-life it was stable for 8 seconds, (kinds of reminds me of Kathy's kayak, incredible secondary stability). Let it sit for thirty minutes to breathe before tasting again, tannins are stronger and I can smell the pepper.

I would move the 85 to an 87, (not gold medal material), but a fine example of a Redwood Valley Appellation modern wine.  Depending on who you talk to, a Zinfandel can be stored 10 - 15 years. This bottle was still stable, but if you've got em, pop em, it isn't going to get better than this.

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