Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tour Guide Yogi's cheatsheet on Bostonian Twitter

Cool Boston Organizations and News
@BostonInnovation geek stuff, a must
@Bostonmagazine Boston magazine, a must if you are visiting or live there
@Boston_crime crime reports as they happen, no where not to go
@cambridgechron the oldest continuously published newspaper in the USA. They are a constant source of local news.
@Boston_CP Boston City and Press, more Boston news
@Bostonnewsnow even more news
@Bostonupdate news, it isn't all local lots of national and international as well
@Massnonprofit this is the twitter feed for Boston nonprofit news
@MITEReview MIT E Review, thought leadership in business
@talentculture the scoop on social events especially green and innovation
@northendpads if you are looking for a place to stay in Boston

Boston Sports
@redsoxbuzztap up to date news on the Boston Red Sox
@peteabe baseball writer for Boston Globe
@citysports news about sports especially about running, many stores in Boston area
@4SportBoston more sports

Boston Business Worth Following
@Hollandmark Advertising and brand management

Get a Boston Job
@jobboston if you like Boston so much you want to stay there you need a job
@tj_bos_ma_comm another jobs site for Boston

Boston Thought Leaders

@Ryan_Mcbride is the correspondent for Xconomy, innovative business
@ScottKirsner is another innovative business writer, these guys are starting to get me interested in another startup
@alparker is a source of high quality Boston posts and links

@SarahCortes is well connected in Boston and Information Security

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