Thursday, September 24, 2015

Alligator wedges, porcini and potato shreds

This is a recipe you can make camping in the woods or in a survival situation. I like playing with dehydrated shredded potatoes. I would like to see a source with no preservative though. They sell them in the bulk foods at WinCo. I just covered them with water in a large saute pan, took a handful of dehydrated vegetables, tossed in some porcini mushroom and a bit of salt and garlic. Stir several times so everything hydrates. Then I opened a 1 lb can of Alligator sirloin, warmed it up with a little bit of salt, the little bits I saved for chili tomorrow. I found some green onions from the store, camping you can often find these near grass. Seasonings are black pepper and smoked paprika. I garnished with dried peas, dried corn and some almond slivers from you know where.

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