Thursday, July 16, 2015


Last night our puppy Yogi played Hallelujah on his iHowl player. This was the original song writer, Leonard Cohen, but many artists have covered it, some, I think better than Leon. In fact Newsweek has an article on 50 different artists covering the song.

Here are a couple that stood out for me:

Regina Specktor rocked the song early in her music career. She is not one of my favorite artists, but she certainly covers some ground between That Time and Us.

Elena Ravelli, I love the accent when she does the Delilah verses. If you like that give Come Foglie a chance.

Sons of Serendip, (America's got talent), do a skilled rendition, but I think they strut their stuff a bit more with Don't You Worry Child.

I think Rhema Marvanne was 8 years old when she sang this. At about 2:01 into the song she really opens up. Hurt is a video of a studio recording also when she was 8, warning best have a hankerchief handy.

I know some Christians criticize the lyrics of Cohen's Hallelujah, I personally think he was in a seeker phase. According to Wikipedia, there were as many as 80 verses before it was paired down to the four that are covered. However, here is another young person singing a different song, Hallelujah 2, that is very uplifting.

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