Saturday, July 11, 2015

A hasty exit: Nashville to Seattle

Our chance to stay and visit with the extended family got cut short. Some medical tests we had done before we left finally got analyzed and they said, "Cut your travel plans short, go home and go to the emergency room immediately". Dramatic, yes?

We called United Airlines at 0900 and had a flight to Seattle at 1415, not bad. Didn't score the best seats in the house, but we got er done. This was the day United's routers crashed. We were already on the plane, already on the TARMAC, so this was only a twenty minute delay for us. Others were not so lucky.

You can probably guess everything was overdone on the medical front, we finally met a level headed doctor who said while things need to be treated, it can be done outpatient. However, here we are back in Seattle WA with our truck, (and dog), in Portland OR.

Current plan is to take the train from Tacoma to Portland, I hear is is a pretty route, and take a cab to go rescue our truck. Then we can pick Yogi up the next morning.

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