Monday, July 13, 2015

Kauai Coffee before early morning service

You know the old drunk joke, "but officer, I only had two drinks." "Aye laddie, but how big were they?"

When Kathy had her wild child heart adjustment almost ten years ago, they told her to avoid coffee. So, in solidarity I gave up coffee as well and we did the green and white tea thing.

Now we have moved to the Pacific Northwest and Kathy's heart is far more stable than it was. Coffee is part of our daily ritual. Today, before the 0830 service at church I got to have two cups of coffee.

Aye laddie, but how big were they?

I do not know how big they are, but a full coffee pot can only fill three cups. At the family reunion in Nashville, Hunter gave both Kathy and I the Starbucks mugs we favor in the morning.  Usually when I drink too much coffee I feel a bit bad, but this felt great. And it kept me wide awake for today's lesson:
The three keys to a victorious christian life, (all from Ephesians 6):
V 10 Put on the full armor of God, daily
V 18 Pray in the Spirit which includes listening to the Holy Spirit to intercede for the saints
V 19 Covet prayer for yourself from the saints. And that works best if they actually know you.

For lunch, we had a side salad, GF Penne with Cannellini  beans and a chili with 99% lean turkey. What made both of them really rock was Trader Giotto's, (actually Trader Joe's) Rustico Pomodoro  sauce. This is one of my very favorite red sauces. I only put a tiny touch in the pasta, but it made the chili rock.

Now I have a bit of landscaping to do, I will not be on my feet much in a few days, so will try to get things done while I can.

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