Saturday, July 4, 2015

Portland to Nashville

Yesterday, we woke up at 2:45 AM for an early set of flights to Nashville for a family reunion. The Portland airport seems nice, though not much is open at 4:30 AM. Our truck is parked under a set of trees at Thrifty parking, ( they seem like a nice outfit). We cracked the windows and opened the truck box since it is supposed to get really hot in Portland.

United flights UA 504 to Denver and UA 789 were on time. I love the WIFI online. I slept through the first flight and did a book review of The Florentine Deception on the second.  Great landing at Nashville, they are having thunderstorms, (more on that later), in the area so the pilot seated the flight crew and came in fast. I like the Nashville airport, (BNA), it is what I call right sized.

We got a car from Enterprise. That is the least helpful Enterprise group I have ever met. If the parking works out, I may try Thrifty next, (Hertz lost my business by misplacing my reservation twice in a row, I had even printed my confirmation).

Baggage with United at Nashville took an incredibly long time to come and they changed our carousel. While I was waiting, they changed another flight's carousel, not sure what is up with that.

Easy drive to our hotel. While we were unpacking the thunderstorm hit dropping the temps a few degrees and making everything smell nice.

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