Sunday, July 13, 2014

On the move: Kauai to Seattle to San Francisco

Kathy and I are at the Coffee Bean and Tea at SEATAC waiting for our plane. Two days ago we fly from Kauai to SEA, just enough time for me to weed the herb garden.

This morning the trip to SEATAC went well, Starline was on time and security was a breeze. We zipped through TSA Pre-check and had enough time to write a blog post. Will update this after we reach San Fran.

United 698 was delayed due to the runway construction so we lost an hour there. My only complaint is that I missed brunch at FarmerBrown. Went looking for other options, usually Google is my favorite search engine, but it not do well on a search for restaurants near the Union Square Hilton. So, we picked an old favorite Cafe Mason. I had the Huevos Rancheros with fruit instead of home fries and Kathy had the Camarones Fritatta with the home fries and our server, Stephanie, suggested corn tortillas instead of bread because Kathy is gluten intolerant. Price before gratuity was 37.36 with a sparkling water and an ice tea. Excellent service.

Then, I wanted to get a soft brush to touch up my feet, I did a bit of gardening in slippers and wanted to finish cleaning up, some of that dirt is very persistant. There was a Walgreens just a block further, so we stopped there and then instead of retracing our steps, we turned left down Hyde, not too bad, but clearly the neighborhood is degraded. Worse, as we crossed O'Farrell there were a bunch of shouting people at the bus stop. My thought was to cross back to the North side of O'Farrell, but Kathy turned downhill towards Ellis. It was one long cluster of homeless people, but they seemed to be fairly passive.  It all reminded me of an adventure a long time ago, I think it was 1994, when Cisco used to throw those seminars including a huge theme party. I remember one was the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. There were no government rooms anywhere Moscone, so were were staying in one of the Cathedral Hill hotel and would walk the the conference. One night, we didn't take our usual route and ended up in a really bad part of the city, smell of urine everywhere. People were clearly messed. Rick and I were both black belts, both ring fighters, both had a knife, both very scared. But the Lord smiled and we made it.

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