Sunday, July 20, 2014

Last night in the San Francisco Hilton - Seattle

Things are coming to a close. Frank is at the front of the classroom. Kathy is hurting a bit today, she is surprised since it is about five weeks since the hip replacement, but the bone and the metal are in the process of fusing.

I took a walk after lunch, it is a nice day in San Francisco. Even had a short sleeve shirt. But will switch to long sleeve tonight.

We went back to Fresh Crush, they have a new menu. Kathy ate some dish made out of a Squash, I went for the Seafood Cioppino, a holdover from the previous menu with a side of quinoa. It was nice.

We went back to our hotel room and tumbled into bed. Got up early. Kathy wanted to leave the hotel early, normally I would rather eat in the city than the airport, but this is SFO, you know there will be options. OK, fine. The hilton has a car service so that a trip to the airport is 40.00 and it is not some insane cab driver trying to shave three seconds off the drive by doing every crazy maneuver possible. Very nice, they even had complimentary water.

We ate in the airport at the Emporio Rulli Gran Caffe, I sinned against my diet and ate the Lasagne, (decadent fun),  and Kathy had the Beet Salad and a club soda.

United 759 was on time, we both fell fast asleep as soon as we got to our seats. I woke up to the pressure in my ears of the descent. Put in airplanes, ( a type of earplug), and went back down. All in all an easy flight. Made our way through the airport to baggage claim. The bags took forever, something was very, very wrong at United, but I just stood their and swayed back and forth till they finally came. New guy from Starline Limo, said he was a subcontractor, he was asking me for navigation advice; we make it home anyway.

We got home and I made some black rice and vegetables for supper, we put in the movie Magic of Belle Island, (that has to be one of Morgan Freeman's best) and fell asleep upstairs in the fold down bed. Woke up several times this morning, there are skylights and windows in this room an daylight comes early here. Kathy made us coffee and I have some quioa and chicken from the freezer for breakfast. Welcome back to the Pacific Northwest, it is a bit cool this morning, but very nice and peaceful.

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