Tuesday, July 15, 2014

First Crush and a Boeger 2009

So far all the restaurants in San Francisco seem to be focused on white flour and white rice for their carbs. I needed a switch. Kathy was kind enough to go to the concierge and ask about healthy restaurants.

One of the recommendations was First Crush, so we called and made a reservation for 6:00. We walked down, in the excellent weather, (when do you see shorts and t-shirts in San Francisco in July), and they were fairly empty. Interesting menu, though I did not see any brown rice. I opted for the Halibut served with lots of vegetables and a side of wild rice. Kathy had the Beet Salad with a side of potatoes. The flavors were pretty good, the halibut was a bit over cooked, but not cardboard.

We also decided to share a bottle of wine, Boeger Zinfandel 2009, it was extraordinary. We took our time, swirling it a lot, smelling it, what a luxury. Zins tend to come in two major classes, the cherry/berry, slightly sweet, probably best epitomized by young Edmeads Old Vines. And then there is the drier, more complex, chocolate cherry plum like a Benovia 2008. Boeger seems to have a foot in both camps and it was delightful, part of the trick might be that they source their grapes from four different vineyards.

I am up teaching policy tomorrow, so I probably should be preparing.

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