Friday, July 18, 2014

Nashville, Blake's recommendations

In my class in San Francisco, we have a true foodie, Blake. He tipped me with the following recommendations from his home turf, Nashville TN.

Short version: If you find yourself in Nashville, consider trying Hattie B’s or Pepperfire to try a local dish of “Nashville Hot Chicken.” 

Long version:  It is basically fried chicken (a breast quarter or chicken tenders) more commonly done with a spicy rub, versus a sauce (though Bolton’s Spicy Chicken & Fish uses a sauce).  Pepperfire has a “Pepper Cheese,” which is a deep-fried grilled cheese made with Pepper Jack cheese.  Their Tender Royale is their hot chicken tenders served on top of a Pepper Cheese.  They also have a variation of chicken and waffles, simply hot chicken and a waffle; and another variation is their Apple Fire, with some apples (like you’d find in a strudel) on the waffle to offset some of the heat of the chicken.

Hattie B’s is by Vanderbilt University.  Pepperfire is in an area called East Nashville.
No matter where you go, the person taking your order will help you calibrate your tolerance of heat/spice (e.g., mild/medium/hot/xhot/xxhot).  While I do not advocate wasting food, if you’re wanting to test your heat tolerance at least a little, consider ordering two orders of chicken, one order each of two successive heat levels, so that if the higher one is a bit much you can fall back one level to still enjoy your meal.

Hot chicken is made to order, so expect a wait once you order (in addition to the line of people that are likely to be dining there at the same time).
Should you find your way to Nashville, I’d be thrilled to introduce you and Kathy to the local cuisine, respecting that I’m guessing that you have plenty of commitments wherever you travel.

Stephen: gosh I am starting to get hungry :)

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