Monday, July 7, 2014

Jim and Tracey - Taco night

Jim and Tracey are coming over for dinner, they are back from Singapore; it will be great to spend some time with them. Kathy brought some organic blue corn crispy taco shells from Cost u Less. I am a little suspicious, all the Garden of Eaten taco shells I have ever tried have been a bit soggy, but we will give it a try with some Wal-Mart shells as backup. This is a bit tricky, I am doing the low carb thing, Kathy is gluten free, Tracey does not eat meat so I plan to offer a number of variations of dishes.

Last night I did the relishes, lots of roast corn, black bean variations. They are all meat free. In an hour or so I will prepare the meat dishes.


Set the table with large plates after I plate the salads on small plates, we will put them on top of the large plates.
30 minutes out, plate the salads, they are pretty simple, organic greens, a cherry tomato, a carrot cut lengthwise, a basil leaf and a mushroom cap. We have a tarragon vinaigrette. Grate some cheese? Why not.
Set out the relishes each with a small spoon.

Fresh tomato relish
Roast corn relish

Table spread before first taco

First Taco ( 2 skillets, 1 microwave)

Cubed and marinated a couple pieces of Halibut these can go in the small skillet
Warm the napalitos in the medium skillet
Warm the Chia seed, artichoke heart, dried apricot ceviche in the microwave
Warm the refried beans

Chia seed, artichoke heart, apricot ceviche

Second Taco (1 skillet, 1 microwave)

Mushroom, quinoa, brown rice in the medium skillet, high heat, large burner
Warm the chicken breast in the microwave

Chicken breast, if you look closely it has been precut so the sauce can soak into the meat

Third Taco (1 skillet)

Place the marinated savory thin sliced beef in the largest skillet, high heat, large burner after both sides have been browned, transfer to cutting board slice and bring to the table.

Pull big plates, reset with small plates for dessert.


Cacao, banana, cherry, figgie pudding

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