Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kenzie and Keely along the East shore

We only have a couple days left on Kauai and I wanted to take the girls for a walk on Ke Ala Hele Makalae. It was fun to see the world through their eyes. Every swing has to be swung on. And Keely will touch anything including what could possibly be sacred to an islander while I was telling it it not a good idea or try to walk along the broken wall to discover what it is like to find a sinkhole. After I explained that if you fall in a hole and it collapses around you it takes a special team to rescue you and breathing is tricky with the sand pressing against your chest she gave the second idea up.

We walk on till Kenzie wanted to turn around and stopped for an ice cold coconut. Then I was able to get a shot of the girls after they were refreshed, it was a pretty sunny day.

As we continued walking we saw a pretty cool sculpture created with found objects.

All in all we traveled about two miles, a bit of a contrast to yesterday when I did 12.5 and went to the end of the paved path and back in the same amount of time :)

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