Thursday, July 17, 2014

Infusion, San Francisco

Yesterday Kathy and I went to eat after the STI open house. We wandered down towards Crush, but didn't really want to make that choice. Then I remembered Infusion. Very interesting restaurant, they have a security person at the door.

We worked our way down the stairs to the lounge. It was nice and quiet. We both ordered the black fried rice, I got mine with the chicken and Kathy got the shrimp. It was great. Finally and option to white rice, mashed potatoes and white bread. We shared a serving of edamame, I really liked the spice.

We had such a good time, we set a reservation for tonight. I already know what I want to order, the appetizer sampler.

When it was time to leave, we took advantage of their offer to use the elevator. That is a lot of stairs for a lady 40 days after a hip replacement. It came out in the registration section of the Fusion hotel; neat.

We decided to come back the next night. Not as great, it rarely is. I tried the appetizer sampler, chicken legs, ribs, crab rangoons, (a bit too sweet for my taste) and edamame, Kathy went back to the black fried rice with shrimp. They were starting to gear up for a female impersonator show and people were coming in so we asked for the check and left.

Blake, (see the next post), makes the following recommendation for SF:

In other news, (in San Francisco) I do recommend Burma Superstar on Clement.  The two recommended dishes recommended to me were the tea leaf salad and the vegetarian samusa soup.  In addition, I tried the Chili Lamb (I specified “hot”) with their coconut rice and also their platha bread.  I was expecting the platha to be similar to naan, but it’s significantly different.  I would describe platha as a thicker, richer croissant that has been flattened.  Everything was quite good (and way too much food for just me).

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